Return Policy

Koi.S.P.E. “Faros” may replace a product you have received and is defective by the manufacturer at its discretion. The customer must inform us within 7 calendar days after receipt. The costs of returning the product to our headquarters are solely for you initially, and if it proves to be defective, you will receive a new product with all shipping costs (including the original ones) paid exclusively on us. In the receipt received, there are clear instructions on what to do if you want to return a product. Please, take into consideration those simple guidelines to help us arrange all possible situations as soon as possible.

-In the case of customer’s mistake, it would be sensible to have a telephone call to replace the product. In this case, the costs should be paid by the customer. We will not be able to accept refunds on products that are not held in our stock, and come after a special order for the customer.

-In the event that, by mistake “Faros” or its vendor regarding a product that has been sent and does not match you, contact IMMEDIATELY with us and DO NOT try to modify it / change as it will NOT be refundable. Refunds are accepted only in the original packaging and condition, even if it is a mistake of Koi.S.P.E. “Faros”.

-If the customer chooses a wrong size or wrong product, it is possible to return and resubmit the correct size with the shipping costs paid by him.

– In Koi.S.P.E. “Faros” we are sure of the best possible packaging of each order. However, until the parcel reaches you, the courier shifts. BEFORE receiving and signing, check the packaging you are receiving. ONLY if you see that the package has reached your point of abuse in one or more of the above points, you must sign “subject to” signature by opening the package in front of the carrier. If you see and show that the product has been damaged, you must immediately call the courier and declare it. Then the courier will inform you of the actions that can be taken. If you DO NOT do this, unfortunately you lose any right to compensation.